Crewe FC unveils modern club badge with a nod to its founding member

May 26, 2023

Crewe FC has announced a major change to its club badge on the eve of their 25th year anniversary.

The new badge is modern, sleek, and reflects the club’s current identity while honouring its past. Whilst it retains its traditional colours of sky blue, white and navy, the updated badge now features a crown, which pays tribute to Maggie Vickers, a founding member of the club who has dedicated 25 years of service to Crewe FC.

Crewe FC Chairman, Steve Parker, explained,

“Our new badge is a reflection of our identity and ambition to continually move forward as a club and we wanted to create something unique, modern and specific to Crewe FC as we move into a new chapter in the Clubs history.

It’s a significant update that reflects the club’s values of progress and innovation while staying true to its roots.

We also felt it was important to recognise the contribution Maggie Vickers has made to Crewe FC since it was formed in 1998. Her dedication to the Club over the past 25years has been remarkable.she is without question the most important person in the Clubs history and I’m delighted we can honour her in this way”.

The new badge will be featured on all team’s kits, social media, and other official materials, starting from the beginning of the 2023/2024 season.

Crewe FC is a community-focused club that is committed to promoting youth football in the area and developing young talent.