Boys & Mens CDC Cup, Crewe World Cup & Stockton Invitational

July 24, 2023

Over the past weekend, Crewe FC hosted three spectacular football tournaments, celebrating Community and sportsmanship.

It was a weekend filled with excitement as Crewe FC was once again visited by over 80 teams and close to 900 players, as the CDConstruction Cup for junior teams & the Cheshire FA’s Crewe World Cup and the Stockton Invitational for open age teams took place.

Kicking off the action-packed weekend was the CD Construction Cup, a thrilling tournament that brought together junior football teams from all over the North West and further afield for an incredible weekend of football festivities.

Sundays festivities continued with the Cheshire FA's Crewe World Cup, a remarkable event specifically organised to celebrate the diversity and richness of cultures within Crewe. The tournament not only showcased the exceptional football talent in the region but also served as a reminder of the power of sports in bringing communities together.

The weekend concluded with the poignant Stockton Invitational, held in loving memory of Bradley Stockton, who tragically passed away over a year ago during the TT races. Friends and family of Bradley came together to support and run the tournament, honouring his legacy and love for the sport.

None of these tournaments would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the volunteers of Crewe FC. Their commitment to ensuring the smooth running of the events, from start to finish, has been invaluable and we would like to take the opportunity to extend out gratitude to each and everyone of them.

To relive the unforgettable moments and capture the essence of the tournaments, we invite you to view and download the photographs from both exhilarating days of play by visiting our Matchday Galleries; CDC Cup, Cheshire World Cup & Stockton invitational Matchday Galleries

Thank-you to all the teams that took part & we look forward to welcoming participants and spectators back next year for another round of thrilling football tournaments.

Crewe FC