🔵FOUNDATION PHASE: 👦🏼Riley Robbins ⚽️ Crewe FC U8 Panthers 📝 “Riley's enthusiasm for football is infectious. He plays football on Wednesdays at training, goalkeeper training on Fridays, matchday on Sundays and he even plays Futsal & very rarely misses any football. This season he's been the Panthers main goalkeeper and has played a big part in the success the Panthers have had this season. He's the youngest player in the team and he is improving every week. Keep it up Riley” - Lee Marshall, U8 Panthers Manager. 🔵GIRLS PHASE: 👱‍♀️Eve Eaton ⚽️Crewe FC U14 Girls 📝”Eve has really excelled for us this season and especially during the last month, which peaked in Amsterdam where she was playing 2 years up but still had an amazing work ethic and so much quality on the ball. Eve see’s a picture on the pitch and is always thinking a pass or 2 in front of most players. Eve is an absolute pleasure to coach, a great player, keen listener and above it all such a nice girl. Well done” - Darren Vickers, U14 Girls Manager. 🔵YOUTH PHASE: 👱‍♂️ Bailey Sherlock ⚽️ Crewe FC U14 Sharks 📝 “Having been at the Club for approximately 6months, Bailey has really started to find his feet in the heart of the Sharks midfield. He is now constantly combining his undoubted talent and quality with a steely work ethic and the impact he is having is superb. Always in space and always comfortable on the ball, he often dictates the games tempo and and is one of the best at transitioning defence into a rapid attack. Hugely influential in every game throughout the Holland Cup, April has been a superb month for Bailey! Well done!” - Steve Parker , U14 Sharks Manager. Well done to all involved. #TogetherStronger


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