🔵FOUNDATION PHASE: 👦🏼Alex Berry ⚽️ Crewe FC U9 Jaguars 📝 “Alex is everything a young footballer should aspire to be, he works so hard individually but understands how important it is to be a team player. Alex always trains as hard as he plays which is a task I always set and he never fails. Alex started the season slightly out of his preferred position but he never complained took it on himself to understand it and has really flourished throughout March, benefitting the whole team. He is confident in everything he does and stood out when we went up against an Academy team this month and the opposition coach said ‘he did really well and matched the academy boys technically’. Well done Alex” - Shaun Eaton, U9 Jaguars Manager. 🔵GIRLS PHASE: 👱‍♀️Poppy Edwards ⚽️Crewe FC U8 Vixens 📝”We have chosen Poppy for her sheer determination to succeed in football. As one of our youngest and smallest players, Poppy shows great bravery week on week including a couple of games without her glasses. Poppy is keen to learn and does double training sessions every Friday and her hard work has paid off during our league games and futsal matches.” - Simon Lockett, U8 Vixens Manager. 🔵YOUTH PHASE: 👱‍♂️ Ashley Furber ⚽️ Crewe FC U13s 📝 “Ash is ever present at traininf & games and runs his socks off every time. His ball mastery is improving every week and he is fully committed to helping his team, irrespective of the position he is asked to play” - Jamie Blacklock, U13s Manager. Well done to all involved. #TogetherStronger


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