Crewe FC are delighted to announce that Mike Blundell will become the new 1st Team manager with immediate effect, a change that everyone at the Club is excited about. Steve Parker, Crewe FC Chairman had this to say on the recent changes; “It’s an exciting & bold transition for the Club. I know Mike well. He’s a huge character & someone who sets incredibly high standards for himself and others both on and off the pitch. For anyone who has played with him or taken the time to talk to him, will understand that he’s a very talented man with a very grounded perspective and an in-depth football knowledge. He’s also extremely ambitious and has a determination to succeed at whatever he does. The next 6 months will be a challenge to him, but it’s one everyone at the Club knows he will relish and succeed at. Over the past few years, we’ve always been a Club that will put our faith in young managers and that hasn’t changed. I’m convinced he’s the right fit at the right time”. The approach and appointment to 1st Team manager, whilst coming quickly, is one that Blundell is looking forward to taking on; “I was both surprised and delighted to receive the call from Steve regarding the position with the 1st Team. The Club has given so much to me as a player over the years & it was an easy decision for me to say yes to. I will still be available as a player and have bought in Jack Turner as my assistant to helps alongside the fantastic backroom staff the club already has. Jack will bring plenty of experience and knowledge of the game and will be a great asset. We will both give everything to the cause. We have a big task on, one that I will make sure everybody is fully on board with. I wouldn’t have taken the role if I didn’t believe it was in the best interests of Crewe FC. With the group we already have, some much needed new additions and a continued focus on the growth and development of a fantastic Under 18 group we already have, I believe I have what it takes to turn the club around. We have 14 cup finals starting on the 29th December. I look forward to you all cheering us on along the way and enjoying the ride”. With Blundell now in charge of 1st Team affairs, there will also be a change in role for both Danny Massey and Andy Aspinall, who have seen their roles and responsibilities as the Heads of Football Development and Recruitment at the Club increased and extended. “We sat down and discussed in great length the ambitions for this club and the best way to put those in to practice” said Parker. “The demands of the 1st Team and the wider development of the Club for any two people to deal with is a lot in truth. I was guilty of putting too much of a demand on Andy and Danny to allow them to do any of the roles to the best of their ability and to a standard they were happy with, without having to compromise. To their credit, they never complained about it & gave everything to it, but it simply wasn’t fair on them. But as the Club continues to grow, we all recognised that something had to give to allow us to continue to progress at the rate and standard we want to. The move to pass over 1st Team responsibilities and allow them to focus on the Club feels like a good move and suits everyone involved. We’re now looking forward to 2019. We’ll continue to move forward together, collectively, in order to achieve our ambitions for this Club. We’ll be stronger as a result of the changes we’ve made”. Crewe FC


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