Wishing Well launch ‘Connected Communities’ bid, in collaboration with Crewe FC & Northern Netball. Through commitment to the "Connected Communities" concept, the project aims to bring 3 large community based organisations together to deliver activities and services to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. "We Can Play That Game" allows people from across all sections of the community to take part in sport and physical activities with a focus on social integration, improving accessibility, tackling physical inactivity and promoting general health and wellbeing. The potential impact will bring about cohesive communities, reduced dependency on public services and improve pride and social resilience. The project itself brings together the Wishing Well, Crewe Football Club and Northern Netball Club to develop and deliver a range or sport specific physical activity interventions such as walking football, walking netball, after-school sports clubs, dementia-friendly cafes and sports history conversations, recreational sports participation and spectatorship. The project funding will allow us to connect the apparent dots within the community allowing us to invest in people and equipment to bring communities together. The project will rely on the current expertise in place to engage with hard-to-reach communities, inactive people and areas of health deprivation. We know that through a joined up approach, we can bring about maximum benefit. At present the Wishing Well delivers a limited range of physical activity sessions & to work with both Crewe FC & Northern Netball to deliver more of these sessions locally, ensuring they are sustainable at the same time. With all 3 organisations doing so much both in and for the local community, the project funding will continue to allow them to invest in their equipment, volunteers and facilities. It will ensure that the sport and physical activity sessions they deliver remain safe, suitable and rewarding for all participants, coaches and officials. You can help us achieve this vision by following the link below & voting. Simply register, login & claim your TEN votes! https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-1547 Your support would be greatly appreciated! #TogetherStronger 💜💙❤️💛


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