Crewe FC get their 2018/2019 campaign underway this afternoon as they travel to Pilkington FC. With the new season about to start, we caught up with 1st Team Manager Andy Aspinall, who shared his thoughts with us ahead of today’s game! “There is just something really special about the opening day of the season, the optimism, the excitement and the anticipation! I can honestly say I have never been more excited about an opening day as I am today & I’m really looking forward to the season ahead. I couldn’t tell you what this season will bring in terms of results, but what I can tell you is that I feel like the work we’ve put in over the last 2 seasons has been worth it; the good times and the bad have got us to this point! We now have an exceptionally young and hungry team with real competition for places and only a handful of survivors from the end of last season. The average age of our starting XI today, will be under 22 years old. With young players there will be inconsistencies along the way, but I am convinced that we will have a way of playing that will make the club and everyone involved proud. It also starts the process of making the first team sustainable, and hopefully starts the journey for ongoing success for the club with our junior teams continuing to get closer and closer to adult football. Ultimately, I have always regarded the managers job as focusing on the process and allowing the results to take care of themselves. We are fully committed as a Club to doing the right things and encouraging the players to do the same. If the process is right and the performances are good enough, results will take care of themselves, especially if you work harder than the rest. Preseason has proven that we have exciting times ahead, and spectators should expect a very different Crewe FC to the one they saw last time out”. Good luck to everyone involved! #TogetherStronger


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